Sunday, February 28, 2010

Potty training Topaz

They say potty training doesn't happen over night, and I would say that is certainly true as I have been putting Topaz in underpants for a year and half, and been washing wet and dirty ones everyday. But a few weeks ago Topaz insisted on wearing underpants to bed and I tried to talk him into wearing a diaper so I wouldn't have to wash wet sheets, but Topaz talked me into letting him wear underpants. He woke up dry and has been dry basically every day since. An overnight change! He goes potty without me asking too. He still has to be reminded for the number 2, but on the whole wonderful progress. He doesn't use diapers at all anymore!


Rebekah said...

That's fantastic! It's so great when things just click for them. I few weeks ago Spencer just decided he could go number one and two all by himself without asking me for help. He also gets dressed without me now as well. I guess the idea of independence is just more appealing now.

B.K. Stanley said...

Good work Amber! We all knew it would eventually kick in for him.